Andersen Legal – Commercial Notary

Andersen in Mexico offers specialized Commercial Notary services consisting of dispute solution, legal advice in business matters and notarial certification to incorporate business corporations as well as corporate conversion, mergers, divestures and liquidation.

A Commercial Notary is an attorney-at-law whose mission is to lend support to commerce and industry with legal counsel, notarial certifications and other services bringing legal certainty to businesses. The Ministry of the Economy vests powers in Commercial Notaries, making them legal institutions with the authority to intervene in all acts and facts linked to business operations, with the following powers:

I) To act as a mediator, to convey and exchange proposals between two or more parties and give advice on entering into any kind of business contract or agreement

II) To act as an expert appraiser to estimate, quantify and appraise goods, services, rights and obligations submitted to his or her consideration

III) To give legal counsel to businessmen on business-related activities

IV) To act as an arbiter to help solve business disputes

V) To act as a Notary Public regarding the incorporation of business corporations, to certify contracts, agreements and business-related legal instruments (except in the case of real estate) and in the issuance of debentures and other securities, mortgages on ships, vessels and aircraft entered into in his or her presence and to certify business-related acts

VI) Confront and certify copies of the documents listed in the Commerce Code