Andersen Legal – Corporate

Business these days has become complex; the interaction of different legal systems and international treaties means that businessmen must get the best advice possible to meet their goals and avoid or reduce exposure. Knowledge of legal concepts and experience as legal counsel in business transactions are fundamental for a successful business.

Each business or company starts and develops within a legal framework where it must comply with obligations established by different legal provisions.

Likewise, businessmen interact among themselves, creating legal bonds that require planning and structures upheld by the respective legal framework.

Therefore we at Andersen through our corporate and commercial practice listen to our clients’ needs to plan and implement that best structure possible that will adapt more efficiently to their needs, bring legal certainty to their operations and comply with applicable legal provisions and requirements to help businesses and companies operate successfully, no matter what their size or line of business.

By analyzing a company’s current situation and learning about each business goal in particular, we can provide clients personalized advice in any corporate and commercial specialty, including corporate, contractual and environmental issues, foreign investment and intellectual property among others.