Andersen Legal – Intellectual Property

Mankind’s progress is directly related to its ability to create and innovate; thus the protection of intangible goods is essential for the development and growth of domestic and international companies. The development of industrial property has grown exponentially in Mexico and abroad over the past few years, encouraging a greater number of investors to assign resources to protect it.

Andersen has experts with the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive advice on developing and defending Intellectual Property rights in any of its areas, including copyrights and industrial property.

We will design a personalized strategy taking into account each client’s needs based on our searches and studies of records and registrations, drafting assignment, licensing and transfer agreements, with negotiation procedures and audits among other work. The experience our professionals have allows them to file legal actions with administrative and judicial authorities to conserve and defend your rights properly.

The services provided by the specialists at Andersen may be complemented with the participation of the international attorneys of the Andersen Global network.

Therefore our team of Human Capital specialists is ready to help clients reach their goals by proposing and designing specific solutions in the different facets of this practice with continuous education and in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses.