Andersen Legal – Employment

Andersen is devoted to providing top quality professional services, offering business solutions to its clients in legal as well as tax matters. These solutions include helping clients that as the result of their regular and extraordinary transactions require specialized solutions for the company’s human capital, in human resources as well as with the payroll, with a holistic approach, meaning one that incorporates the legal, tax and Social security areas.

In this regard, Andersen focuses primarily on prevention; in the case of newly-created companies we analyze aspects based on corporate structure and develop an individualized strategy compliant with different legal, tax and Social security provisions, thus avoiding potential problems and unfavorable consequences.

Our services for companies already up and running consist of reviewing the practices applied in the area of Human Capital, enabling us to determine the things the company needs to change and/or implement to attain greater legal certainty.

Each client expects objective advice, proven strategies and professionalism, thus our commitment to provide complete, innovative and precise solutions as well as good corporate practices in keeping with their labor needs, helping them to always make the right decision for their business.

Therefore, our team of specialists in the area of Human Capital is ready to help clients meet their goals by proposing and designing specific solutions in the different areas with continuous training and deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses.