Andersen Legal – Dispute Resolution

Individuals’ social life nowadays is based on interrelationships through a meeting of the minds. The complexity of legal relationships creating bonds among individuals eventually leads to conflicts of interest among people whose rights are disputed.

People involved in different legal transactions that are elevated to possible conflict of interest disputes need a fair solution as provided by an applicable legal system.

The Dispute Resolution and Litigation area at Andersen attends to and lends support to clients and helps them cope with and overcome obstacles faced in proceedings based on a study and analysis of the case, from planning legal strategy to making the required filings with the authorities and obtaining the best results possible for our clients.

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution by Andersen are noted for making novel vanguard arguments as well as for proposing concrete actions and defense measures to obtain favorable results for our clients at the different instances and institutions.

These days litigation in Mexico should not be understood solely from a reactive, defensive point of view, or as a petition to enforce some right, rather you should also take advantage of planned or preventive litigation where people can opt to plan and pursue different avenues for obtaining benefits or possible defenses for themselves and their companies. Anyone interested in doing business in Mexico should be aware of and learn about the opportunities posed by the dispute resolution process as well as the different existing defense mechanisms they may avail of.

Andersen in Mexico professionals follows the highest standards of quality and ethics with proven vast experience, achieving excellent results as well as providing support in seek of settlements and negotiations that benefit our clients.